Overwatch Esports Overview

Esports in Overwatch has been about for around 3 years now. Overwatch has multiple Competitive ladders including the online Competitive mode, and then for the professional players, there is the overwatch League and Overwatch World Cup.

Overwatch Competitive
Competitive Play is sliced into segments called seasons. At the end of each season, rankings are then reset ready for preseason, preseason usually lasts around 1-5 days it can differ. Players will also be required to participate in 10 placement matches again at the beginning of each season, this would determine what rank you will be given. Each season has its own unique rewards for its participants.

During the off-season period, players can still queue for competitive matches, but instead will gain no competitive points or progression, but will still earn experience towards their rank. Preseason is a good way to test out different heroes, for example, one season you could’ve played solely tank, but in preseason you decide that support suits your playstyle a little better.

Overwatch League

The “Overwatch Open” entered the competitive scene in 2017 which allowed amateur teams pulled from the best players in the game’s normal competitive mode (those that qualify in the most recent competitive ladder in the top two tiers ‘Grandmaster’ and ‘master’ rank) to compete in a structured season and post-season format with multi-regional matches. Players that complete all non-playoff games for their team can earn a small dose of credit to Blizzard’s digital storefront, while regional winning teams earn more. The Open division is played across seven different regions: North and South America, Oceania, Southeast Asia, China, Europe and South Korea.

In League play, a regular-season match features two teams (one selected as the home team, the other as the away team) playing at least four games, with each game featuring a pre-decided map type, following the same gameplay format as with normal competitive mode in Overwatch. The League uses both Control maps, played on a best-of-three round, and Assault, Escort, and Hybrid maps, with each team having at least one chance as the attacking team. The selection of maps is chosen prior to the game so that both teams can strategize.

Overwatch World Cup

Overwatch world cup is where are the big players the likes of South Korea and Canada battle it out to become world champions, South Korea won 2018s World Cup beating China 4-0. The overwatch world cup is an annual worldwide Overwatch esports tournament organised by Blizzard Entertainment, the developers of Overwatch. The current format involves qualifiers in which any nation can compete in. The most successful team in the world cup is South Korea who are currently on a three-streak winning in 2016, 2017 and 2018.


Examples of useful ‘Metas’ some teams use

The “N.I.P” Triple Tank – Any composition with 2 support 2 tanks and 2 damage but with the flex support on a non-support hero. Most often used for point-based tactics on parts of maps. For example, using Torbjorn or Symmetra to get to first point defence or you could use an extra Soldier 76 or Widowmaker to set up a crossfire on high ground (on first point offence).

Beyblade/Mei-Reaper – even though this technique is lacking in range and mobility, this composition is the ultimate triple-tank buster a lot of teams that are defending like to triple tank, with countering heroes, comparable survivability, and insane snowball potential due to the abundance of Crowd Control ultimates and ultimate combos.

Strategies for newer players
Of course, not all of us are suited for every single playstyle Overwatch offers (which is a lot!). Some are great at wielding the big machines and strafing the entire enemy team with cover fire. Others are great camping out and picking off the weaklings from a distance.

Stick by your strengths is always the best way to go and will make it more enjoyable. There’s nothing wrong in being lousy when aiming or being less than stellar in landing headshots one after another. Others are awful when it comes to last-ditch decisions, it would help to get into a party with friends and going over tactics which would also make you very beneficial to potential competitive teams that may be sniffing around.

A very good strategy I thought of myself which I posted on https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20752455195 in 2016 was “Have the objective in your sights. Then D.Va will boost in. While D.Va is boosting in Reinhardt will follow, pinning someone down in the process. Lucio will not be far behind and get to the objective and support them. By then the enemy team is focused on taking them down, but that’s when Roadhog and Soldier 76 come in. The enemy team should be wiped out in a matter of seconds if done correctly and you’ll already be ready for the next control point. Just do the same strategy, only this time you will likely have your ultimate abilities ready. Plan them accordingly as you rush in and bam. That’s an extremely fast 2 points on the board. I’ve used this strategy with my friends at least 20 times and it has never failed me. We always get the objective in 10-20 seconds. We’ve even beaten minor league ESL teams with it, and we only have a group rating of 2000.”

I also go on to mention some very helpful tips on which heroes to use. Did You Know? – German sports channel “Sport1”, which broadcasts in Switzerland and Austria in addition to Germany, made a two-year deal with Blizzard to broadcast Overwatch League games live starting in the second season (2019) THINK OF THE AMOUNT OF PUBLICITY THAT’LL CREATE. Blizzard will again offer the all-access pass to the viewers, adding in the ability for viewers to use the “command centre” app, introduced during the 2018 Overwatch World Cup, to be able to view matches from different camera angles in real-time.


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