CWL Champs: 100T win opener against Sicario

It’s no secret that 100T had a very underwhelming performance at Miami, coming from a back to back win at their previous two events at Anaheim and London they finished CWL Finals 5th-6th.

First hardpoint map was Gridlock and 100T come out all guns blazing, they looked very dominant but then as Sicario looked like they were going to be run over, they began to climb. Tommey at one point was 120 points off streaks with Tempest in hand everything looked like Sicario was about to take the map, but Tommey didn’t pop his heal and got dropped with a single shot, 100T ran away 1-0 in the series.

Next was Search and Destroy, both teams were trading rounds back and forth until Slasher managed to create distance by clutching a very intelligent 1v2 against Chino and Linney, that allowed 100T to take the map a the series went 2-0.

Next up was a very contested back and forth in Control, the Thieves managed to take the first, in the second it came down to a 2v2 in which Proto went mental and killed both 100T players to take it 1-1. Going into the next round the Thieves were down 16-13 in terms of lives but that didn’t stop Enable going on an absolute rampage with a really nice flank, he destroyed Sicario to take it 2-1. Sicario managed to tie it up again with some great teamwork but unfortunately, it didn’t matter as 100T closed control out to take the series 3-0.

A very dominant series against a team with plenty of experience and some very skillful prospects, if this is any indication most teams want to be concerned considering Gen.G managed to lose their opening game, that just shows how strong these AM teams are coming into Champs.

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