CWL Champs: Optic goes 1-0 in their first match

Another team that managed to let down the masses when it comes to CWL Finals was Optic, they finished first through the season and dropped out very early, a team of this calibre and experience should never go out as early as they did.

Trainhard opened up the match with taking the first Hardpoint but where shut down soon after as Optic managed to break their way into the point, taking control of the game. From there it was a downward spiral for Trainhard, the Green Wall managed to shut their opponents down for the next three hills. TJHaly managed to shine through during the map being a thorn in the side of Trainhard.

Going into the second map it seemed like Optic was about to take the series with relative ease but that wasn’t the case at all. Trainhard managed to go back and forth with Optic, as Yako and co managed to create some very unique opportunities it allowed for them to close out the game 1-1 against the superstars in Optic.

The next map would be Control, Trainhard weren’t slowing down against such a seasoned team, they fought a back and forth fight through the rounds but in the last Optic had streaks and managed to shut them out on their first initial push making the final round look easy. With the score 2-1 Optic managed to go into the 4th map with confidence which was another Hardpoint and there isn’t much to say it was a repeat of the first map.

If we take anything away from the series it was Crimsix seemed to struggle to find his footing which seemed to be the case for him at Miami too, hopefully, he can come alive as it’s an uphill fight from here on out.

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