CWL Champ: The Gen.G disaster

The face we all made when Gen.G got their marching orders

We have seen Gen.G manage to finish in the top 3 plenty of times this year and even in their last event, they came second to the eventual champions Eunited. So what happened?

They managed to lose their opening match vs Fuego Gaming a team who come from the open bracket, AM teams taking maps off the PRO teams this event hasn’t been surprising but the fact that a team that placed second last event managed to lose their game 3-2 was a huge upset for the event, in scrims it was rumoured that they had went 2-25, an utter disaster.

They had chance to redeem themselves coming up against their second team that qualified for Champs through the open bracket, Team WaR, this team would be an even harder hill to climb considering they were the grand finalists who eventually lost to Celtic FC in the grand finals. Unfortunately for Gen.G, they got obliterated 3-0 by WaR which meant that Gen.G where sent packing, potentially the biggest upset of the tournament.

What does this mean going forward for Gen.G? Probably nothing but who knows, they have performed to such a solid standard the entire year to fall in the last event in such a disappointing fashion, let’s hope this has no negative effect on the great roster of players and they can bounce back come Modern Warefare.


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