CWL Champs: Eunited follow suite with a strong start

Eunited on a high winning their last event

Eunited exploded out the gate with intent, they are looking to take back to back events with them dominating the opposition at Miami, they managed to take the win by destroying Faze in the grand finals in two best of fives.

Hardpoint kicked off against Celtic FC who dominated their match previously in a convincing 3-1 against Elevate, it didn’t look like Celtic FC would be able to provide a second upset so easily though against Eunited, Abezy seemed to have his foot on the gas as he dismantled Celtic FC by going on a crazy killstreak at the start of the match, it was an easy 1-0 for the Miami champions.

Search and Destroy was the same the team had so much confidence going into the map that Celtic had no idea how to answer, Eunited seemed to just control the map which in turn controlled the pace of the game. Celtic FC did manage to get one round thanks to S&D star Chain as he got a lovely two-piece which managed to wake his team up as they took the next round even though streaks were called in on them. That didn’t matter though Eunited cruised through the next two rounds taking it 6-2 going 2-0 in the series.

We moved onto control which was a very one-sided state of affairs for Eunited, the boys in blue come out looking scary each one of their members in the second round had streaks, it was a slaughter, Celtic FC are a strong side to see this sort of performance nobody could have predicted going into this match. They breezed through the entire map without dropping a round. That meant that Eunited went 3-0 relatively easy.

Eunited are looking scary and are looking to continue their winning run from Miami, even the strongest teams in the tournament need to be a little shaken after their performance against Celtic FC considering their roster.


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