COD Franchising deck leak

The Call of Duty community has been waiting in anticipation to see what franchising is going to mean to the player base and how it will affect the future for competitive players everywhere. Dexerto managed to obtain part of the leaked deck which reveals some information regarding the CDL and what it’s going to impact.

The deck included the following –

7-10 players per team
Minimum salary $50,000
Minimum of 50% of prize winnings has to go to players
They expect a slot to be worth $45m in 10 years
League to run from January to July
Hope to expand to 28 teams
Media rights to be worth approximately $20m in year 1

Even though this is leaked information a source close to the league said: “currently these details are subject to change between now and the official announcement.”. So between now and when the CDL gets published rules and regulations could be subject to change.

Although we are all eager to know whats going to happen now that Champs is over, it’s answered some questions but feel as if it’s left us asking more.


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