Is CSGO going to see new superstar rosters?

Within the last few weeks we have seen a few figure heads claim they’re going to build championship rosters in Jason Lake of Complexity and Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag of 100 Thieves.

Nadeshot tweeted out last week about him flying out to Berlin this week to have talked about picking up a championship squad by signing players who have the desire to build a “winning legacy” something his organization has achieved in both Fortnite and Call of Duty.

Jason Lake tweeted out that he was ready to start building a championship-winning squad, after giving his previous roster chance after chance it seems he has finally had enough. We saw Rickeh given his marching orders earlier this week by Complexity after all of the visa issues, it seems that Jason Lake wasn’t all words he’s following through with what he said, he even went as far to pay buyout contracts.

This is the perfect time for both organizations to build rosters given all of the players that have been benched over this week at Starladder, hopefully we can hope to see some new rosters that are worthy of taking a win at the next events and being a contender for the top spot.

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