Gaming and eSports to Top $300 Billion Annually

The gaming and eSports industry is on track for $300 billion per year revenue by 2025 and continuing to grow in double digits. But investors seem to be missing the boat as this sector takes flight. That comes from leading portfolio managers looking at the industry and its huge potential. They point to the fact that investors are "newbs" in this space and lack the experience when it comes to buying into the growing market. The eGaming industry's rapid growth is being driven by exciting innovations such as cloud gaming and online interaction. Companies looking to take the eSports category…

by emagine
24th September 2019

Emagine finds common ground in Custom Esports

Emagine are proud to announce that Custom Esports have decided to bless them with their backing, the perfect indication that the future is bright moving forward. The move comes as the organisation has started to make moves in picking up potential talent, with talent there is going to be a need of giving the players colours to fly, Custom Esports was a perfect choice considering the vision and values that they both share. Adam Stevens owner of Custom Esports had this to say about the sponsorship:"We're proud to include Emagine as one of our closest partners. Their strive to be…

by emagine
29th August 2019

ESL announces 90 percent viewership growth for major esports tournaments

Modern Times Group MTG AB’s (MTG) portfolio company ESL, the world’s largest esport company, today announces significant growth across multiple metrics for major ESL tournaments in the first seven months of 2019. ESL – the world's largest esports company and part of MTG AB – today reports significant growth across multiple metrics for major ESL tournaments.Viewership (unique users) has increased with 90 percent in the seven first months of 2019MTG is the home of esports and gaming entertainment, and owns a majority stake of ESL (82 percent) and its Swedish counterpart DreamHack (100 percent) Over the course of the first…

by emagine
14th August 2019

Broadcasters Present the eSports Industry New Opportunities for Growth

The eSports industry has captivated hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide through large tournaments in dazzling arenas. Predominantly, viewers mainly watch casual or competitive events through YouTube and Twitch. And the two platforms together collectively have a larger audience than HBO, Netflix and ESPN combined, according to Goldman Sachs. Primarily, most of the viewers are from Asia and 79% of worldwide viewers are under the age of 35 years. In 2017, viewers logged a total of 355 billion minutes on Twitch, representing a 22% growth year-over-year. At the time, companies mainly monetized eSports through sponsorships, but by 2022, Goldman Sachs projects that…

by emagine
8th August 2019